Επιτάχυνση χωρίς Αναστολές

Since 1991 our engines have been delighting customers all around the world. Customers who share our passion for cars and think like we do: that uncompromisingly high performance can only be achieved where costs are not the driving aspect of engineering. Our progressive technology, our development and our visions are not limited by cold-hearted cost controlling; they are rather constantly being driven forward by the passion we all share.
That’s acceleration with no ifs or buts.Together with our customers we open up the full potential of modern automobiles, by consistently applying high-performance technology. Thereby, you – the customer – are our driving force. Your dream is what drives us. The result is individual objects with the highest possible quality and unbeatable performance. Of course this has a price. Because we care about individuality and quality – not quantity. Our aim is not to maximise sales output.

Consequently, every MKB car is something very special. Which brings us to the point.